Made from our very own Stella cherries, this is a unique and refreshing authentic cherry liqueur.  It is light and smooth, not a syrup - more like a port in consistency.  This is a great way to last through those winter months when cherries are out of season. It also makes a unique and fun Christmas gift. Prices are $25 for 375ml and $40 for 750ml. You must click the confirmation of age box in order to view the "Add to Cart" button.


GraceBrook Stella Cherry Liqueur

1 kilos of health-giving cherries go into every 750ml bottle
For sipping as you would a port
For mixing with cocktails, bubbles or beer
For baking, especially with chocolate
For a topping over your favourite desert, e.g. icecream
For mixing with hot drinks like hot chocolate
Makes a great gift for any occasion

17% alcohol content ensures long shelf life after opening

Known Health Benefits of Cherries:

Ample supply of fibre, protein, and vitamins A, B and C

Very high antioxidant activity

High melatonin levels which regulates the body's internal clock and sleep-wake cycles

Helps with arthritis and inflammatory conditions such as gout

Helps lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes

Helps lower the risk of heart disease

Helps lower the risk of colon cancer

Helps improve memory (anthocyanin)

Helps you get a good night's sleep

Helps improve blood pressure - an excellent source of potassium

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Hurunui District Council off-license number 57/OFF/397/2017 held by Debra Jowsey, Expiry date 25-Oct-2020:

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