Rare-Breeds Poultry: Please contact us for more information

Araucana Chooks

Araucana’s bred to the standard in a range of colours, lavender, blues, blacks and whites, also splash. They lay the beautiful blue/green shelled egg. Araucana’s are known to be flighty and visitors always comment on how quiet my birds are… my birds don’t know any different.



Cayuga Ducks

Golden Wyandotte

Golden Wyandottes we bred to the standard trying to bred birds with wonderful lacing and birds of a good size.  They lay a good size egg that has a pinkish shell with white dots. A very versatile bird.

Chinese Silkies

We breed Chinese Silkies in a range of colours, white, black, buff, partridge and whatever the chooks decide is a suitable colour. They are bred to the standard and we do our best to only breed purebred silkies, with 5 toes, nice hats and lovely soft feathers.  Naturally clucky that are wonderful mothers and the most suitable of all the breeds as pets for children.





We are listed on the Rare Breeds website (Debra Jowsey)