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Goodies to stock your Pantry

BBQ Sauce     Pickles     Chutney     Spiced Rocksalt

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GraceBrook Cherry Sauce

A spiced sauce to tease your taste buds. Made from our sun-ripened Stella cherries, this sweet, strong and spiced sauce can be used on meats, added to pizza, pies, quiche or cheese and crackers.






Uncle Vern's Louisiana BBQ Sauce & Marinade

This is the best BBQ Sauce we have ever tasted.  Made to an authentic Louisiana recipe from ingredients like Canadian maple syrup and fresh New Zealand honey. It is excellent on grilled chicken, sausages, fish, ribs, lamb, steak and burgers.... even grilled vegetables. Just brush on Uncle Vern's minutes before removing the food from the grill, or use as a marinade beforehand.


250ml Fire

250ml Hot

250ml Medium



Shantytown Pickled Onions

These are pickled in a rich, thick sauce and are fantastic! Crunchy, sweet, very good on crackers, platters and sandwiches.


700ml $10.00

Shantytown Curried Onions

These crunchy onions are pickled in a thick curry sauce and are a special treat for pickled onion lovers.


700ml $10.00

Country Lane Pickled Gherkins

Crunchy, beautiful tasting small pickled gherkins.  Great on crackers, thinly sliced with cream cheese. 


400ml $7.00

Provisions Roasted Cherry Chutney

Slow-roasted to caramelise the cherry flavours and meld them with almonds, ginger, garlic, chillies and mustard seeds. Divine!

Perfect with cold meats and cheeses or with venison. After panfrying venison just deglaze the pan with red wine and then add a few spoons of cherry chutney!

Gluten free.

380gm $15.00

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